View the draft Summit programme, and check back for updates.

Day One

Thursday 9 May 2019: 8:30am—4:30pm

Opening address

The importance of a Just Transition to New Zealand, introducing the summit and inviting the audience to join Government in partnership to make the transition.

Youth panel

Youth voice – this is our future.

Taranaki roadmap

Shine a light on Taranaki and the work they’re doing to develop a roadmap. 

Learnings from international leaders

The whole world is facing these issues. Here are some examples of what international leaders are focusing on. 

Pacific session

The Pacific are the first nations to feel the effects of climate change. We don’t have years, action needs to happen now.

How does this relate to New Zealand

What is New Zealand already doing? What changes are needed? What are the opportunities? Discussion with New Zealand business, iwi and community leaders on what a Just Transition could mean for New Zealand.

Business session

How businesses are changing their business models to meet sustainability challenges – and what this means for their stakeholders.  

Navigating the future of work

What are the future challenges and opportunities for workers?  How can companies support their employees and communities in the transition – what does good practice look like? 

Wrap up

Bringing it all together – what does this mean for New Zealand?

Day Two

Friday 10 May 2019: 8.30am—4.30pm

Welcome back and opening

Introducing Day Two

Economics of climate change

How climate change issues are changing the way economists view the world.

Navigating the new environment

Understanding New Zealand’s emerging landscape – what does this mean for the transition? 

How technology can help us solve the emissions challenge

What is the role of technology and innovation in making a transition to a low emissions economy? 

Investing in change

How to navigate the new investment requirements, including raising and repurposing capital. 

Challenges in change

How the energy sector has embraced community and iwi engagement for new developments and projects. 

Emerging opportunities (Hydrogen)

Focus on new technology and how it is being developed in New Zealand.  

Emerging opportunities (Future of food)

Navigating a new environment which is challenging how to farm and produce food.  How to drive change across the sector?

Wrap up

What is happening from here?