Day 2

Day 2 of the Just Transition Summit featured talks from New Plymouth Mayor Neil Holdom, Economist Kate Raworth, Minister for Climate Change James Shaw, and many more. You can watch all the day's discussions, or read their transcriptions, below.

Day 2 welcome

Neil Holdom, Chair Taranaki Mayoral Forum and members of “Team Taranaki”

Powerpoint presentation:

Mihi Whakatau: Welcome Day 2(external link) – Mayor Neil Holdom, Taranaki (Accompanying video content(external link))

Economics for the 21st Century

How climate change issues are changing the way economists view the world Kate Raworth, Economist and Author of Doughnut Economics

Powerpoint presentation:

Doughnut Economics(external link) – Economics for the 21st Century – Kate Raworth

Navigating the new environment

Understanding how Aotearoa New Zealand’s emerging landscape – exploring the new policy context for the transition

Using technology for good – together

How can we use technology in more innovative and collaborative ways to enable transition to a low emissions economy?

Powerpoint presentation:

Using Technology for Good, Together(external link) – Russell Craig

Investing in change

How to navigate the new investment requirements including repurposing and raising capital

Learning to fly – sustainable benefit from international innovation

A case study of Cora, an autonomous, electric, air taxi, challenging global transportation from New Zealand

Powerpoint presentation:

Learning to Fly: Sustainable benefit from international innovation(external link) – Anna Kominick

Embracing change – energy

How the energy sector has embraced community and iwi engagement for new developments and projects

Changing land use and the future of food

Navigating a new environment which is challenging how to farm and produce food

Focus on new technology and how it is being developed in Aotearoa New Zealand

 Powerpoint presentation:

Emerging opportunities: hydrogen(external link) – Patrick Cnubben

Day 2 wrap-up

Rt Hon Dr Megan Woods